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Federal projects have become increasingly focused on environmental protection, and with good reason. With Environmental Protection Plans, there is no “one-size-fits-all.” Each job site has its own specific needs, and the EPP must reflect them to a high degree of accuracy if Construction Managers hope to gain approval from government regulators. Based on years of experience, Gadzoom’s EPPs are easily tailored to fit the demands of each client’s particular project and are designed to meet all EPA and government reporting requirements.

Tailor-made to Fit the Demands
of Each Client’ Project

Each Environmental Protection Plan can be further tailored to projects by selecting additional sections, such as:

  • Waste Management Plan
  • Transportation Management Plan
  • Spill Control Plan
  • Recycling and Solid Waste Minimization Plan
  • Air Pollution Control Plan
  • Contaminant Prevention Plan
  • Waste Water Management Plan
  • Pesticide / Fertilizer Treatment Plan
  • Government Environmental Assessment (EA)
Hanger Documents

Make Compliance Formatting Easy

With Gadzoom, you can be confident that your Environmental Protection Plan addresses all EPA and government reporting requirements. Impress your client by submitting the finest quality documents tailored to your company and project immediately upon award!

Create Documents Simultaneously

Create All Your Documents Simultaneously

Gadzoom makes it easy to create all of your documents simultaneously and in under an hour! Using Gadzoom’s powerful database and automatic programming links with MapQuest™, our customers have been able to cut their overhead rates by up to 90%.


Gadzoom is a cloud-based program that makes your company's administrative plans for government construction projects fast, accurate, and efficient.

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