Accident Prevention Plans

Create Outstanding Construction Administrative Submittals - Fast!

With Gadzoom you can easily produce the finest quality Accident Prevention Plans tailored to each of your contracts in less than an hour.

Gadzoom is a cloud-based program offering the most efficient way of producing your company's administrative plans for government construction projects. Utilizing our easy cloud-based program and our data storage capabilities, development of personalized Accident Prevention Plans, Quality Control Plans, Environmental Protection Plans, and many others is fast, accurate, and efficient.


Creating all of your documents—Quality Control Plan, Accident Prevention Plan, Environmental Protection Plan, and many other necessary plans—all at the same time in less than an hour by simply entering the information ONCE!


Quickly and easily edit plans at any time. Store names and information of your key personnel, consultants, and suppliers (along with their certifications and licenses) in the database for quick selection.


Know that your Accident Prevention Plan meets all EM 385-1- 1 and OSHA Safety Requirements. Impress your client by submitting the finest quality documents tailored to your company and project immediately upon award!


By combining administrative document creation into one simple program, Gadzoom allows you to create all of your documents simultaneously and in under an hour! Gadzoom combines a powerful database of information along with unique automatic programming links with MapQuest™ and others to allow you to cut overhead rates by up to 90%!