Gadzoom: What’s Trending in Construction July 2020

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In this month’s edition of “What’s Trending in Construction,” we’re focusing on technology and the impact it’s had on the construction industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re now six months into one of the largest worldwide health emergencies in history with no end in sight, and we are witnessing the construction industry’s unprecedented embrace of technology in an effort to overcome previously unforeseen obstacles. 

Here are some articles worth reading about:

U.S. Chamber Study Shows Commercial Construction Industry Poised For Recovery After Covid-19

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently published an article addressing findings of a poll taken during the height of the shutdown in April. Unsurprisingly, the poll found that the industry had suffered major impacts due to the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on business. Confidence in new business and revenue expectations fell sharply and most contractors were impacted by major delays or canceled projects.  

However, a majority of contractors reported having at least six months of backlog and were more optimistic about the future after COVID-19 passes. More that 80% expect their revenue will remain the same or increase in the coming year.  

The article also addresses technological changes to the industry emanating from the impact of the virus that are expected to be embraced by the industry as permanent.  While the construction industry is slow to change, the forced re-thinking of means and methods is generating exciting and innovative change, including using technology to work remotely.

Read the Full Article at U.S. Chamber:  U.S. Chamber Study Shows Commercial Construction Industry Poised For Recovery After Covid-19

The AGC Competes With Military Recruiters; Gen Z Using Technology To Not Lose Ground

ConstructionDive published an article highlighting the AGC’s efforts to compete with military recruiters, who are a constant presence at middle and high school campuses and career fairs.  As coronavirus has shut down schools, thereby making in-person recruitment impossible, the AGC has used technology to launch a multi-platform digital campaign that has been successful in helping maintain the number of new applicants.

COVID-19 has given the construction industry a big wakeup call and has proved to be the impetus for an unprecedented embrace of technology within the industry.  From moving apprenticeship classes online to leveraging technology to conduct safe meetings, Gen Z is focused on job security and stability and has noticed that the construction industry was deemed “essential” during the shutdown, which is appealing to young workers.

Read the Full Article on ConstructionDive: Tech, stability may move Gen Z through the trades pipeline

Building And Summer Boot Camp For High School Students 

Finally, the Courier Express in Pennsylvania published an informative and timely article promoting a virtual Building and Construction Summer Boot Camp sponsored by ABC for Central Pennsylvania and Workforce Solutions. The program encourages students in the ninth through 12 grades in north central Pennsylvania to consider the benefits of a career in construction through the use of technology.  

The online summer camp will focus on basic safety, introduction to construction math, hand tools, power tools, material handling and construction drawings, basic riggings, basic communication skills and basic employability skills. Students will receive a hard copy of the “NCCER Core Curriculum: Introductory Craft Skills” book and an access code for the online book.

Read the full article on the Courier Express: Virtual building and construction summer boot camp planned

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