Activity Hazard Analysis - Complete Instructions & Free Template

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In our industry, we know that every job is unique. Each has its own set of challenges for managers to solve, timelines to be completed, and budgets to stay on top of. One component every contract has in common, however, is the Activity Hazard Analysis. 

Required as part of USACE and EM 385-1-1 standards, AHAs play an important role in preventing workplace accidents before they happen. 

Interested in learning more? Here’s a free guide to getting you started, courtesy of Gadzoom

Step By Step Guide To Building Your Own AHA

1. Understand The Work Being Done

Every AHA starts with the same step - understanding the work being done. Will your team be pouring cement? Perhaps using heavy machinery? Or are they working in an environment where there may be a falling hazard? Your AHA should always begin by listing each separate task your team will need to complete on the project that may be a safety concern. With Gadzoom, we make this process lighting-fast for managers by showing you all the common tasks that relate to your construction projects in one easy to follow list. Check it out: 

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2. Expand On Each Part Of The Job

After you’ve identified the work your team will be doing, it’s time to expand on each part of the job. For this portion of your AHA, you’ll need to list out, in detail, every step your employees will need to take for the different tasks you’ve outlined. If you’re pouring concrete, for example, you would mention putting on safety equipment, setting up rebar, and other crucial elements of the job. Once again, with Gadzoom, these details are already written out for you. All you have to do is click, and it will be entered into your AHA automatically. 

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3. Identify And Mitigate Potential Hazards

In the third step, the two parts come together. After listing out your various job tasks, and the individual steps to getting each of them done, it’s time to identify the potential hazards which may get in the way. These can be things like risk of falling, the potential for personal injury, or environmental hazards that could hurt your team members if not mitigated. 

Gadzoom has written out standard templates to save you time. If you want to change or add anything additional, you can easily customize each section to meet your project needs. We always recommend that you try to address each point of concern clearly so that you maintain the highest level of safety standards. Make sure to utilize a Risk Assessment Code to focus your team’s attention on the activities with the greatest risk for injury. This code uses colors to indicate the tasks that need the greatest degree of attention in order to maintain safety standards.

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4. Get Your Free AHA Template

Like what you see above? With Gadzoom, all of your construction documentation needs, including AHAs, are at your fingertips. Our library has a vast assortment of templates that will guide you through almost all of your admin work. As promised in the title, we’ve included a link for a free download of an Activity Hazard Analysis Template, just for you. 

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