Why A Fall Rescue Plan is Important

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Why A Fall Rescue Plan is Important

In the construction industry, a fall rescue is often one of the most intense and demanding situations one can experience when on the job. The life of your injured team member could hang in the balance, and an ill-prepared crew can lead to disaster if they have to address such an issue on the fly. 

All government regulations state that any project involving working at heights are required to have a Fall Rescue Plan. All employees around the potential fall hazard must be well versed in Fall Rescue protocol before any work begins on the contract.

What is a Fall Rescue Plan For?

Imagine having a worker performing a task fifty feet in the air, and then falling over the side, suspended in the air and unconscious.  . What would you do in a situation like that? Without being properly versed in what to do, there’s a very real chance that a loss of life may occur. 

That’s why having a plan is so important! 

A Fall Rescue Plan outlines the dos and don’ts for your team so that they can take control of the situation until Emergency Medical Services can arrive. 

Know The Risks!

While performing the rescue, and after arriving at a safe working level, rescuers are cautioned to keep the fallen person in an upright or seated posture to reduce sudden back-flow of de-oxygenated blood into the heart.

It’s imperative for your team to know the facts of how to treat fall rescue victims in order to not make further life-threatening mistakes.  

Embrace The Safety Culture

An outstanding Fall Rescue Plan is essential to any company embracing the culture of Safety. When Fall Prevention doesn’t work, and you have a man hanging 50’ in the air, there isn’t much time to rescue him. It is essential that your team has a Fall Rescue Plan in place that everyone knows their assignment, and that they have prepared and practiced for the very real possibility of having to perform a rescue at a moment's notice. 

Expect The Unexpected

Nobody thinks that a fall rescue situation will happen to them. Until it does. Every potential situation must be closely analyzed, and solutions methodically planned in advance so that if something does indeed happen, you and your team will be ready. 

When addressing possible scenarios with your team, make an effort to meet with local Emergency Services and conduct hands-on practice exercises to ensure everyone is on the same page. Falling is a very real risk in the construction industry, and no matter how sophisticated safety standards become, there will always be the potential for a life-threatening injury if crews are not properly trained. 

How To Make Your Fall Rescue Plan

Gadzoom’s dynamic Fall Rescue Plan provides your team with all of the critical information for performing Fall Rescue and how to care for the victim during and after rescue prior to the arrival of emergency personnel. Our Fall Rescue Plan also provides an interactive planning tool, so all team members know their assignment, who to call, and where critical fall rescue equipment is staged for use.

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